Jumpers Knee?

I have been hitting the gym 6 days a week since mid March. Using Plyometrics and heavy weight lifting in each workout.

I have been having sore knees consistently for 2 weeks now, it hurts to squat which is a major bummer.

I can’t figure out what it is…

Has anyone had this?  or know what can solve the problem?

I need advice, and I am not trying to go to the doctor after receiving 10 grand in doctors bills this month. Quitting training is NOT an option

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Had the best lesbian crush dream…now I’m awake

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Anonymously Tell Me..

your secrets..

your desires..

your fantasies..

your life stories..

your heartbreak..

your truths..

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I’ve been there 6 days a week since I’ve healed from my surgeries…still a long long way to go and Vegas is 75 days away!

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It’s a country theme this year.. uggh..probably opting out. 

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